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Norma's Story

Even when she wasn't patient, they understood the process she was going through, and they were patient with her. -Carol Larvick

Carol's story about her mom, Norma...

Our family so appreciated the kindness and attention Stone Hearth staff gave to our loved one who had dementia. They worked with her through her frustration as she was learning the limitations of her disease. Even when she wasn't patient, they understood the process she was going through, and they were patient with her. Every person with dementia has special needs. Stone Hearth staff were good about learning the needs and personalities of each individual and trying to help them not only with dietary or physical needs, but with emotional and mental needs.

Once Norma settled in, she loved the staff doting on her through fixing her hair or talking to her about items on a the themed table. They helped her feel special and helped her feel important. All other little positive things add up to exceed the expectation we had - personable staff, clean and bright rooms, celebrating events, tasty and nutritious meals, and welcoming family to be a part of their loved ones life.  Through my mom's journey with dementia, Stone Hearth was a very comfortable place for her to live and our family to feel she was well taken care of. 

Norma's story... Norma was born August 31, 1932 to Lloyd and Ruth (Peterson) Griffis in Cozad, Nebraska. When Norma was almost 9, her family moved to California where she finished school and took classes at a Jr. College. She helped her father in his business of making trailer homes and furniture. Norma met LeRoy on a visit to California, they fell in love becoming loving and attentive parents to Glen and Carol. Norma was involved in many community and church activities. She enjoyed working alongside LeRoy designing homes and doing bookwork for their business, Beans Builders as well as being a loving homemaker.

Norma was an avid gardener, becoming a University of Nebraska Master Gardener. LeRoy built her a greenhouse on their home. Every year local elementary students would come and learn about plants, she hosted garden walks and taught others. She grew a variety of ornamental grasses, including Penstemon varieties for Dale Lindgren, Extension Specialist University of Nebraska. Norma was gently and attentively cared for by her daughter, Carol, throughout her Alzheimer's disease. Norma enjoyed life and laughed through her struggles even while coping with Alzheimer's. 


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