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"On the road again" with Stefan Baker

"I think he is a genius. If he cannot buy a machine that he needs, he will build it. I was amazed at the steps he takes to make an authentic replica. It was one of my favorite road trips."

                     Sylvia Musil, Program Director

Stefan Baker creates authentic WWI helmets in Ord, Nebraska. He stumbled into the trade and will tell you that he would have to shoot himself before doing it again. His creations are from scratch. He bends, cuts, melts, irons, welds and sews to give you just a short list of what it takes to make an authentic helmet. Some of the machinery that he uses is as old (if not older) than WWI, some of it he has come across through estate sales, tips, or if all else fails he will build the machine he needs himself. Stefan sells his art to re-enactors, his helmets have been in numerous war movies. 

Stefan's shop is a museum in its own right. He was asked if he had been contacted by American Pickers, he has. He said that nothing he has is for sale. He has told American Pickers 'NO' so many times that they have finally left him alone.

Stefan does an array of artistic endeavors, metal engraving, saddle construction (at one time) and leather works and rebuilds of vehicles to name just a few. He is one of those individuals that is part engineer, part inventor and part entertainer.

We were overwhelmed by Stefan's generosity, he gave us his whole day entertaining us with his manufacturing talents and stage presence. By the way, he is a musician (Nashville in his younger years) and comedian as well; although the comedian part could just come naturally. 

Thank you, Stefan, seems like a gross understatement. We will not forget your kindness and courtesy in accommodating our visit. And even though you might not think it, you are a true artist and we are absolutely thrilled that you took time to share with us what you do.

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