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Dolores' Story

Mom's decision to initially move to Stone Hearth Estates was the best for her. And for us -Greg Viergutz

Dolores' story...

Dolores Viergutz was born in Randolph, Nebraska where her father worked as a telegrapher for the railroad line. After high school Dolores attended business school. Dolores married her high school sweetheart, Vance. They had two children, Linda and Greg. Their employment journey eventually brought them to Gothenburg, where the couple, along with their son Greg and his wife Kathy, purchased the Gothenburg Times.

After Vance passed away Dolores traveled by bus with her friends and flew several times to Hawaii. Dolores was a huge Husker fan. She and Vance had season tickets since about 1960. The family believed she had been to over 340 games in her lifetime. Her daughter would kid her that "baby booties" were knitted at Memorial Stadium. Dolores watched Stone Hearth being built and thought it would be a nice place to live. She was one of Stone Hearth's first residents.

Greg's story about his mother, Dolores... My mother, Dolores Viergutz, moved to Stone Hearth as one of its first Independent Living residents. She was seeking a new home that allowed her to participate in all the activities she enjoyed while being relieved of the increasingly challenging aspects of living home alone after nearly 35 years as a widow. By the time she joined us in Lincoln she was residing in the comforting confines of Stone Hearth Memory Care.

Therein lies the beauty of Stone Hearth. Mom was able to transition in the same facility to three different types of living areas. And those transitions were seamless with the guidance of the Stone Hearth staff..

I remember when Mom needed to make the transition into Memory Care. It could have been a challenging situation convincing her that a change was needed. The Administrator at that time sat with us when we discussed the move with Mom. Her approach was gentle and caring while taking care to recognize the dignity of Mom as an individual.

Mom was already familiar with the Memory Care area as the doors were often open which allowed other residents to interact with those in Memory Care. She had already seen the many activities that were provided there. It took little time for her to make new friends or get reacquainted with former residents of the Assisted Living and Independent Living areas. 

We always were confident that she would receive the best care possible at Stone Hearth.

We always were confident that she would be treated with the utmost respect regardless of whatever needs would arise.

We always were thankful she would be treated warmly by her Stone Hearth family. 

Mom's decision to initially move to Stone Hearth Estates was the best for her. And for us. 


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